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RFS Aviation Training Programs - ABK

This article is also available in a Training Information Sheet (pdf) format - click HERE to download.

The following information is included in the RFS Training and Assessment Strategies - Aviation.

The RFS aviation programs fall into three broad streams:

  1. Air Operations Stream - which includes Air Observer (AOB), Airborne Systems Operator (ASO), Air Attack Supervisor (AAS) and Air Operations Manager (AOM)
  2. Air Support Stream - which starts at Air Base Operator (ABO) level and leads to Air Base Manager (ABM) and Aircraft Officer (AOF), and
  3. Airborne Stream - which includes Air Incendiary Bombardier (AIB) and Air Incendiary Navigator (AIN).

In addition, there are the Aviation Basic Knowledge (ABK) and Aviation Radio Operator (ARO) programs, which are prerequisites for several of the qualifications listed above.

The Helicopter Winch Skills (HWS) program is designed mainly for remote area firefighters.

aviation programs 500px

BF – Bush Firefighter
BFS – Bush Firefighter Support
CLW – Crew Leader Wildfire
CLS – Crew Leader Supervision
CBD – Conduct Briefings and Debriefings
ICS – Introduction to Incident Control System
LDR – Team Leadership Skills

You will notice (in the flow chart above) that the Aviation Basic Knowledge (ABK) program is the first prerequisite that you must obtain if you are interested in any of the aviation programs including Helicopter Winch Skills (HWS).

What is the Aviation Basic Knowledge (ABK) program and how can I complete it?

ABK is an internal RFS aviation specialist program used as a prerequisite for a range of other RFS aviation qualifications. It is designed to take a person with an existing RFS Bush Firefighter (BF) or Bush Firefighter Support (BFS) level certification or higher, and give them the underpinning knowledge needed to work safely around aircraft.

Entry Requirements

Before commencing training or assessment in ABK, a person must:

  1. Be able to understand, speak and read the English language sufficiently well to work in a team with other RFS aviation personnel.
  2. Be certified as competent in Bush Firefighter (BF) or Bush Firefighter Support (BFS), or have otherwise been inducted in working safely in the vicinity of bush fires.

Units of Competency

The unit of competency Known as PUAFIR209A Work Safely Around Aircraft (Underpinning knowledge only) is aligned with the ABK program. Only the theory component of the Work Safely Around Aircraft unit is covered by the ABK program. The practical component is included in the next tier (ABO, AOB & AIB) programs.

Three ABK Training Options

We have created an ABK Assessment Package that has been designed to streamline the management of our ABK assessment paperwork. The packages comes in two forms, a "Do it Yourself" (DIY) and a "hardcopy version" that we can post out. We also offer a "face to face" version of the training for those who don't like self study.

abk assessment package 300px

we can offer three options for our staff and volunteers to complete their Aviation Basic Knowledge (ABK) assessment:

Option 1

When you complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form or if you call Kerrie at the Berridale Fire Control Centre on 6456 4555, your name is added to our "Training on Demand" EOI list.

If you did not indicate that you wanted to participate in a "face to face" version of this training, we will send out a hard copy of the ABK package along with a manual and workbook.

You then follow the instructions that are included in the package to complete your training and assessment.

Option 2

Option 2 is the DIY version, it is for the person who can't wait to get started or who wants to make use of electronic versions of the training material and paperwork.

There is no need to register your EOI, you just download the ABK assessment package, the manual and the workbook and get started.

Option 3

Some people prefer "hands on" or "face to face" training where they can ask questions and participate in group activities.

Make sure that you include the words "face to face" when you complete your Expression of Interest (EOI) form or inform Kerrie at the Berridale Fire Control Centre on 6456 4555, that you would like to do a "face to face" training session. Your name is added to our "Training on Demand" EOI list and we will keep your name on our EOI list until we have sufficient numbers to conduct a "face to face" training session.

The ABK Manual and Workbook

abk manual cover small abk workbook

The ABK manual (left) and the ABK workbook (right) are available as hard copy and electronic versions.

The workbook is designed for self guided training but we use it for the "face to face" sessions also.

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You are here: Home Training Information RFS Aviation Training Programs - ABK